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With Dr. Monique Flemings

Let me stretch you!

As a builder of people, I am excited to provide personal and group coaching programs that will ignite your passion for excellence in every aspect of your life. Each coaching session provides a wealth of insight and wisdom that will stretch and expand your capacity. I am passionate about people walking in their God given purpose and I am honored to serve as your personal development "stretcher”.

Who can benefit from our coaching programs?

   • Individuals experiencing a change in the workplace
   • Individuals desiring to reinvent themselves for career or business
   • Individuals with unlocked dreams and purposes

   • Ministries desiring training and education for their leaders
   • Businesses desiring training and education for their employees

My coaching niche

  • Leadership

  • Transitions 

  • Personal Development 

  • Ministry

  • Business Development 


Individual Coaching Packages:

Contact us for our value packed coaching packages! 

VIP DAYS are available with Dr. Monique. Schedule a 4 hour VIP day or 8 hour VIP day. This is a 1:1 intense up close and personal time with Dr. Monique. Send your request to for more information. 

Contact us today!



Book Anthology Projects

Are you an author ready to write and share your story?

Do you have a story that is waiting to be shared with the world?

It is time to unmuzzle your voice!!

The anthology project comprises of marketing, coaching and business coaching. 

Dr. Monique is the visionary author of Let the Daughter's Arise and Let the Daughters Arise Volume II, an anthology project where women share their stories of victory and triumph!! In 2022 she was also the visionary author of two more anthology projects: Brilliant Minds of Black Men and Lioness: Prayers and Affirmations for Women Leaders. 

Dr. Monique is currently calling for authors to work on her latest anthology project - 
Lioness Vol. II: Prayers and Affirmations for Women Leaders scheduled to release in March 2023!

Add your name to the list for the next project at


Ambidextrous Woman Academy 

Ambidextrous Woman Academy

Are you a professional woman struggling with how you can complete your ministry mandate and your marketplace graces?

Have you tried to understand how your career can be a part of your Kingdom assignment?

If that's you, then you are in the right place! That was my struggle for so many years until I came to an understanding that I was gifted and an ambidextrous woman. Yes, I was gifted in both the marketplace and in ministry and it was not necessary to make a choice, but it was necessary to learn how to marry BOTH of my graces to walk in my full authenticity. 

Do you know how liberating it can be when you recognize that your UNIQUENESS is your GIFT to the world? I mentor and coach professional faith-based women on how to be authentic in this nine-month mentorship program. This mentorship has the following components 

  • leadership

  • business development

  • personal development

  • ministry 


For more information and application contact

Next enrollment in January 2023

What clients are saying...

“Dr. Monique’s insight is timely and phenomenal.”

“These classes provided language for my season of transition”

“I have applied these principles to every aspect of my life. My leadership potential at workplace has increased tremendously.”

Let’s get you started today on becoming

an excellent you…your success awaits!

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