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Awakening dreams and providing insight to individuals and organizations for over 30 years.
Dr. Monique Flemings

Dr. Monique is a wife, mother, conference speaker, educator, teacher, minister, entrepreneur, and author. A native of Chicago, Dr. Monique has four earned academic degrees in physical therapy, ministry and education. 


Dr. Monique has served in various ministry and leadership capacities since the age of 7. She served as a senior pastor for 11 years and has a wealth of ministry experience that spans over 40 years.


Dr. Monique holds diverse leadership roles. She is an ordained Elder, a commissioned Apostle, and a passionate author. In addition, she is a leader of distinction in the health care industry, academia and other community organizations.


Creativity and wisdom have always been the essence of who she is, and the driving forces behind what makes her unique.

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Dr. Monique has had the honor of serving many organizations and ministries as keynote speaker. Contact us by completing the form below and we will follow up to discuss how Dr. Monique can best serve you.

Personal and group mentoring available in the areas of leadership development, mastering transitions, and dream and purpose development. Mentoring packages are available to explore the greatest potential in your life.

Whether you need to take time for a much needed vacation or sabbatical, Dr. Monique provides pulpit coverage for Senior Pastors who wish to ensure their congregation receives sound teaching during their absence. Recognizing the need of Pastors to rest and prevent burnout, Dr. Flemings provides trustworthy support to Pastors globally to help them maintain a healthy schedule. Contact us to discuss your pulpit coverage needs.

Gain insight and strategies for your organization, ministry, or your own personal development. Leadership training is available onsite or online. Allow us to provide your next leadership education through one of our customizable leadership development packages.

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