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The Ambidextrous Woman


The Ambidextrous Woman is the brilliance of Dr. Monique Flemings, thought leader for bringing language to women leaders that are called to multiple spaces of influence. 

The Ambidextrous Woman is allowed to welcome her muti- graced, multi-passionate, multi- graced abilities as she learns how to build and flourish in her multiple spaces. You do not have to choose one or the other, you can thrive in "both/and"...because you are an ambidextrous woman. You can use both hands well as you change the world.



The Ambidextrous Woman 

The  Leadership Academy 

Join the academy for women leaders and receive mentorship from Dr. Monique Flemings for 6 months or 12 months minimum commitment. This mentorship and coaching develops courageous women leaders who are comfortable in their multi- graces. 

The RoundTable

Join the virtual discussion where the ambidextrous woman gathers with other like - minded women to grow and evolve. This is where the community gathers quarterly and this is open to all that register for this event. 

Who can benefit from The Ambidextrous Woman?

   • Women in leadership in business or ministry  experiencing a change in the workplace
   • Women in transition or desiring to reinvent themselves for career or business

   • Women that are multi- graced Individuals with unlocked dreams and purposes

   • Women ready to increase their clarity and confidence  
   • Businesses desiring training and education for their employees

What is my niche?

  • Leadership

  • Transitions 

  • Personal Development 

  • Ministry

  • Business Development 


Every student in this program receives an individualized coaching program!

Contact us today for more information on our packages.















Limited space available so be sure to email to add your name to the list.

The Ambidextrous Women

The Ambidextrous Woman 


The Ambidextrous Woman 

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The Ambidextrous Woman has reviews from previous clients... 

“Dr. Monique’s insight is timely and phenomenal.”

“These classes provided language for my season of transition”

“I have applied these principles to every aspect of my life. My leadership potential at my workplace has increased tremendously.”

Let’s get you started today.

Join The Ambidextrous Woman …we are waiting on you!

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