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Dr. Monique Flemings is a wife, mother, conference speaker, educator, teacher, minister entrepreneur, and author. A native of Chicago, Dr. Monique has four earned academic degrees in physical therapy, ministry and education. 


Dr. Monique has served in various ministry and leadership capacities since the age of 7, including senior pastor for 11 years with a wealth of ministry experience that spans over 40 years. An ordained Elder, a commissioned Apostle, Dr. Flemings diverse leadership roles expands within the health care industry, academia and other community organizations. A passionate author, her creativity and wisdom has always been the hallmark and essence of the rhythm that makes her unique.


Dr. Flemings is the CEO of Monique Flemings Enterprises and A Safe Place LLC. Her business provides coaching services and digital education services for women ready to level up their personal development. Through her niche of leadership and transitions, Dr. Monique serves her clients through uncomfortable seasons of uncertainty emerging with strategies to win. 



Dr. Flemings most recent book Mastering Transitions is a powerful tool providing language for navigating through seasons of transitions. This book, along with her book Yes, I’m STILL Single compel readers and changes lives nationally.


A trailblazer, Dr. Monique’s counsel is sought out and esteemed in her ability to awaken dreams and provide insight on a personal and organizational level.  Her virtual speaking platform includes Success Women's Conference, SpeakerCon and Woman on Fire. 


Dr. Monique is an international preacher and speaker, known for her prophetic insight and cutting -edge apostolic grace, coupled in a sense of humor. Dr. Monique is a developer of people and builder of leaders. Her greatest joy is seeing people free to grow and expand to live full abundant lives.  She is an unapologetic apostolic voice.


Dr. Flemings is the wife of a tremendously supportive husband - Andrew Flemings who encourages her to soar. They have one exceptional gift from God, a son. Dr. Monique enjoys spending time with her family.

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