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Date and time is TBD


Virtual Starting Monday June 24- 6:00 p cst

The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience

This summer its all about you and your leadership development with thought leader Dr. Monique in 5 life changing modules for ambitious women leaders.

The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience
The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Virtual Starting Monday June 24- 6:00 p cst

About the Event

Confidence, transitions, self-care, and time mastery – master it all this summer!

The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience is here!

Elevate Your Leadership Game This Summer!

Hey powerhouse women! Ready to soar to new heights in your leadership journey? This summer, we're rolling out the red carpet to our exclusive-

The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience, designed just for YOU – the ambitious, driven, and unstoppable woman leader.

Sometimes you just know there is something missing in your leadership, and I am sharing the best of the best for that game changing woman that leads!

This summer experience will boost you as a leader and position you for that next promotion or support you as you build your rock-solid team! Women lead from a different perspective and your leadership uniqueness is a solution to a problem!

Why would you want to spend your Monday evenings in leadership training?

1. Strategic Investment in Growth- This leadership experience refines your existing skills as a leader keeping you at a competitive advantage and connecting with like- minded women for potential future collaborations

2. Focused Learning Environment - Attending a session on a Monday sets a productive tone for the week, allowing you to immediately apply what you have learned with less distractions typically experienced during the rest of the week.

3.  High-Value Content- The leadership is tailored to address the specific challenges and goals of ambitious women leaders provided by thought leader and expert Dr. Monique and her special guest.

The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience is an exhilarating and transformative program designed specifically for ambitious women leaders. Over the course of five dynamic weeks, engage in interactive leadership experiences, inspiring discussions, and hands-on exercises, all focused on four key areas for ambitious women: confidence boost, emotional intelligence in navigating transitions, embracing self-first practices, and mastering time allocation.

What you will learn in this leadership experience:

1. Boost your magnetic confidence to lead and communicate like a boss!

2. Understanding how your EQ assists in navigating transitions like a winner!

3. Upgrade your self -first practice to support your new level of influence!

4. Maximize your time and prevent burnout as you continue to make an impact!

It's not just a leadership course; it's an immersive journey that empowers women to break barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and redefine what it means to lead with confidence and purpose.

· Most importantly you can start implementing what you learn with each module immediately for fast action results!

· Don’t worry about virtual fatigue because that will not be the issue in our high energy sessions!

· Each 80-minute session is recorded for you to access after class for a 3-month period.

Leadership Experience Outline

Over five electrifying weeks, you'll dive into four dynamic topics that will transform your leadership style and life:

Module 1: Confidence Booster: Pack your “unapologetic brag bag” and activate your inner superstar! Identify your unique strengths, conquer imposter syndrome, and master the art of confident communication. Strut your stuff and own every room you walk into. As an ambitious woman leader this module will debunk “The Confidence Gap” that many high achieving women face in their leadership journey.  (June 24th)

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence in Navigating Transitions: Life’s a rollercoaster – let’s ride it with intentionality! Whether you're eyeing a career leap or managing personal shifts, I have coached numerous organizations and powerful women through my proven strategies from my acclaimed book “Mastering Transitions”. The unknown zones of life are a necessity for growth. Your EQ and ability to trust yourself in a transition is imperative especially when everything becomes instantly unstable. Embrace the beauty of the unknown zone! (July 1st)

Module 3: Embracing Self-First Practices: Put yourself first and never feel guilty about it another day! By the time you feel a hint of exhaustion …it’s a signal that you have been under stress longer than you may have realized. I know that as ambitious women we are juggling major deadlines and timelines…but the most important timeline is your self – first timeline. Upgrade the integration of self-first practices into your daily schedule, set boundaries that honor your leadership style, and keep your pizzazz alive and kicking. Your success does not require that you sacrifice yourself. (July 8th)

Module 4: Mastering Time Allocation: Be the boss of your time! Get savvy with task prioritization, delegation, and tech hacks that help you work smarter, not harder. Unlock the secret to maximizing your day and reclaiming your time. You will enjoy a more productive day with increased creativity that you can share with your team. This is the real secrete sauce for savvy women leaders- how to maximize their effectiveness with less strain on their time. This is one you don’t want to miss. (July 15th)

Module 5: Hot Seat Coaching and Celebration: It’s a BONUS Session! I like a good party and we are going to celebrate you…because you deserve it!! You want to show up for laser hot seat coaching, Q&A, surprises and more. When you register for one session or all sessions, you will receive the invitation to the bonus session. Let’s celebrate your achievements from The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience (July 22nd)

We designed The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience where you can register for all 5 modules, or you can choose to register for a selected module. Everyone that registers receives an invitation to attend module 5.

Who am I and my passion

As a thought leader and visionary leader, I am bringing over four decades of leadership experience to each interactive module, and I have some experts joining me. My diverse background as physical therapist, professor, minister and business owner drives my passion for leadership…especially for women. My clients excel in their industries after working with me!

Previous participants have included:

Healthcare leaders, Chiropractors, Educators, Corporate Mid- level leaders, Business owners, and Directors.

Who Should Attend:

· Bold, ambitious women in mid-level to C-suite positions ready to level up their leadership game.

· Business owners and women that build high performing teams.

· Women leaders ready to upgrade their prioritization of self- first.

· Established women leaders navigating a personal or career transition

· Women that mentor other leaders 

Who Should Not Attend:

· Women that are aspiring to move into a leadership position

· Women that do not embrace a growth mindset

· Women uncomfortable with biblical perspectives used in the training

· Women that do not enjoy interactive, fun learning experiences

The experiences are held on Mondays at 6:00 pm cst – 7:30pm cst via Zoom.  June 24- July 22, 2024. We request that you come ready to participate with your cameras turned on. Each experience has opportunities for Q&A.

Why should you buy the full package?

Each module covers critical information and solutions specifically to support ambitious woman leaders. The full package gives you a deep dive into pillars to maximize your leadership and together will place you ahead of the game as a change leader!

Don’t sleep on this – spots are limited! Secure your place today and invest in the leader you’re destined to be. Let’s break barriers, smash those glass ceilings, and redefine your unique leadership style with confidence, boldness and clarity.

The Ultimate Summer Leadership Experience is valued at $1500 but this is only $350 for the full program!

You can enroll into each module for $99.00 each

Spaces are limited!

Join us for a summer of growth, empowerment, and incredible transformation. Your journey to becoming a more confident, unstoppable unapologetic leader starts here.


  • Full Leadership Experience

    All 5 modules included. Non- refundable Access to recordings for 3 months.

  • Module 1 Only - Confidence

    One module and module 5 is included. Non - refundable

  • Module 2 Only- Transitions

    Non- refundable Module 2 only

  • Module 3- Self- First

    Non- refundable - Self - first principles

  • Module 4- Time Allocation

    non- refundable one session




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